No one called but you

Loners in the blue-gray hue

No one called but you

So quiet in the deserted moon

I slept almost the whole way through

Or at least laid down in my comfiest clothes

No one called but two

Loners in the blue-gray hue

Like a ghost

I walked on through

No one smiled

Cold gray eyes

I thought about what she said

The way she asked about

Why I left

And I only had half an answer then

The same thing I’ve always said

Under my breath

It’s only half the truth

Always running towards something new

Sometimes we just need a change

Sometimes we need something to

Break the monotony

Of how they’ve broken us in two

There’s only so much we can take

Me and you

Welcome Home

Let’s run behind trees 🌲

Your friends are all awaiting in the woods

Dancing makeup or just laughing

cold wind down coats

Messy long hair with wind and scraps

all plump smiles and sinister eyes

Red wine gifts of cider so fine

Playing guitar by candle light

Telling stories of wonder and fright

Safe, all knowing

Burrowing yet welcoming

Intuitive and nice

Warm coffee by fire light

Let’s stomp through the leaves in boots

And run behind trees

while the moon

while the moon

Does it’s thing

In the night

Welcome to the wild,

Welcome to the west,

Welcome back to the great Pacific Northwest

Last Year Was Good

and it ended too soon

Last year was good

Last year was safe

Although the plague was raging around us

We were indoors

We were calm

We reclaimed

Our lives

From capitalism, from men

From the patriarchy

From them

We de-othered

We found solace

We wrote songs and poems

And danced and drank

Together apart

And now

I feel it

We’re slowly sliding back

Slipping into stress

Losing what we gained

Falling on our backs

Old patterns coming back

Traffic jams and cluster fucks

I’m scared I’ve lost it too

Although I’m good if I choose

Tomorrow will help me decide

If I am to renew

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